"We reduce your costs through maintenance efficiency improvement"

Oil & Gas Manteinance Engineering

"Maintenance Engineering represents the organisational aspects of problem solving related to maintenance on the basis of a rigorous scientific and rational approach."

Operating on the full maintenance process, Pansoinco’s engineering team plans, controls, and improves maintenance.

Our areas of interests are:

Main Activities in relation to METHODS:

  • Characterization of maintainable assets’ reliability through specific analysis of their behavior during failures.
  • Optimization of maintenance plans, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, through the application of:
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance
    • RAMS Analysis (FMECA, RBD, FTA)
    • Criticality Analysis
    • Risk Based Inspection
  • Achievable Results:
    • Resource Optimization.
    • Increase the reliability and availability of managed asset.
    • Improvement in general of maintenance efficiency and effectiveness.

Main Activities In Relation to SYSTEMS AND TOOLS:

  • Identification and Implementation of informational and technological tools and systems that supports the entire maintenance process:
    • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS),
      Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    • Maintenance Engineering Software's (MES)
    • Mobilty Systems
  • Achievable Results:
    • Integration and Innovation
    • Organizational and Management Improvements
    • Optimization of resources's utilization

Main Activities In Relation To ORGANIZATION:

  • Planning and Development of the Maintenance Engineering Structure
  • Organizational Deployment
  • Maintenance’s Organizational Analysis and Improvement
  • Benchmarking of different units and their alignment to the best performer
  • Training of personnel for the development of Maintenance Engineering competencies