"HSE, a priority"

HSE Policy

Pansoinco takes as one of its biggest priorities the working conditions from a health, safety and environmental point of view of its employees and the people working under its responsibility.

In order to achieve this, Pansoinco adopts the following principles:

  • The company being a good corporate citizen assumes its business and ethical responsibility to create a safe & healthy workplace for its employees and a clean environment
  • Keeping in line with the company's global vision, we shall aspire for continuous improvement in all our activities including Safety, Health & Environment (HSE)
  • We shall not merely remain in compliance with all applicable laws & requisitions pertaining to HSE, but will strive to go beyond
  • Being a SERVICE unit, we are committed to promoting any work activity both in Company premises and in Client's premises fully in respect our HSE ours and Client's rules
  • In order to strengthen the concern and commitment of our employees towards continuous improvement in HSE aspects, their contribution in this area would be considered as significant factor in their annual performance appraisal
  • We are committed to merge HSE considerations in planning and execution of new projects, products and processes and up-grading of existing products and processes
  • Share HSE objectives and targets with our employees, through training and proactively disseminate in the periodical meeting