"Pansoinco is a leading international service provider to the energy sector."

Company Profile

Pansoinco is a leading international service provider to the energy sector. With more than 30 years of experience Pansoinco has developed top-level engineering know-how to participate in major industrial and engineering projects, fulfilling requirements of governments and private clients in four continents.



Pansoinco builds on foundations established in the late 1970’s in Latin America. Activities began with the erection and maintenance of major electrical plants. Subsequent diversifications led to gas plants maintenance, electromechanical construction, engineering & realization of civil works, aeronautical construction & maintenance. These activities were performed in almost every country of the American continent.

The Pansoinco Group has been active in Europe since 1991

PansoincoIn 1991 Pansoinco expands its activities in Europe. Via a series of wholly-owned companies in Hungary, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Pansoinco has established a solid reputation in the fields of:

  • Manufacturing and processing of nonferrous metals – Eural KFT Hungary
  • Logistics and material management – Zebra KFTHungary
  • Engineering and energy project planning – Pansoinco SA Spain
  • International trade of raw materials – Pansoinco Trading

These companies were divested in the recent past.


On 2010, Pansoinco opened a local subsidiary in Milan aiming at delivering top quality services to the energy sector. Pansoinco’s management team brings decades of diverse experience and history of success in order to provide innovative services and solutions in the engineering, maintenance and operations sector that enable customers around the world to have outstanding benefits.